Murdered and MissiMng Indigenous People’s of Canada Awareness
Facilitator- Stephanie Harp
“Survivor to Successor” Personal story about An Indigenous women who healed her trauma and brought a country together and the Need for Indigenous Unity.

Totamaso (Helping Yourself)
Facilitator- Patrick Buffalo
Totamaso is a Cree word that means “do it yourself” Many people are stuck in a huge rut with their grief, anger, regrets, broken relationships etc. and have no clue on how to get un-stuck. This workshop is about learning how to get un-stuck. Personal healing has to be a very selfish act. A person has to take ownership and responsibility for the quality of one’s own life. we have no one to blame for our unhappiness and what we have created.

Gift of Song
Facilitator- Leo and Priscilla McGilvery

Loss and Grief
Facilitator- Adela Arcand
This workshop will enable participants to acknowledge their loss of loved ones, to re-access the impact on their lives, and to celebrate the gift of learning that comes from loss. The session will be experiential and will allow participants to celebrate the memory of the loved one, and to reconnect to their true selves in a warm nurturing environment.

Trauma & Transformation
Facilitator – Sarah Salter Kelly
It is through the transformation of our deepest suffering we discover our humanity, for seeing ourselves in another allows us to choose compassion over hate, understanding over anger. This session details with the individual process of moving from me to we as she leads us down a path of seeking the humanity of a perpetrator and exploring the collective source of cycles of violence. this includes awareness of the colonial wound and compound trauma in Canada. She inspires us to use our experiences to make a difference, show up and be of service.