TOTAMASO (Helping Yourself)
Facilitator – Patrick Buffalo
Totamaso is a Cree word that means “do it yourself”. Many people are stuck in a huge rut with their grief, anger, regrets, broken relationships etc. and have no clue in how to get un-stuck. They just don’t know how, or they would’ve done it already. This workshop is about learning how to get un-stuck. Personal healing has to be a very selfish act. A person has to take ownership and responsibility for the quality of one’s own life. We have no one to blame for our unhappiness and what we have created.

The Gift Of Song
Facilitators – Leo & Priscilla McGilvery
This workshop is facilitated in the form of the circle and supported with the use of the drum, rattle and traditional songs. It draws on the aspects of sharing one’s own story of celebration or loss with the support of songs that are healing in nature. Songs have a powerful connection to the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of being, and the use of traditional songs create an energy of ancestral connection. Through the use of traditional drumming and singing, participants will get in touch with the joys inherent in living as well as the sadness associated with losses in their lives. This workshop provides a balance in acknowledging the trials and celebrations in life.

Loss & Grief
Facilitator – Adela Arcand
This workshop will enable participants to acknowledge their loss of loved ones, past experiences or the loss of our true self. The workshop will give participants an opportunity to grieve their losses, to re-assess the impact on their lives, and to celebrate the gift of learning that has come from this loss. The session will be experiential and will allow participants to celebrate the memory of the loved one, and to reconnect to their true selves in a warm and nurturing environment.

Trauma & Transformation
Facilitator – Sarah Salter Kelly
Self-love, acceptance and forgiveness, the antidote to our wellness and our soul loss. Each element is integral in our journey from powerlessness to power, as move into our souls and create healing which sustains us. It is not necessary to get ‘rid of’ any of the most difficult aspects of our lives, for these are the means which may teach us compassion, understanding and even freedom. In this program we shall explore some of these ideas in the framework of the circle, using led meditation, conversation and relaxation techniques. I will begin with sharing the story of my journey in healing the homicide of my Mother.

Humor is Healing
Facilitators – George Tuccaro, Don Burnstick
Many conferences have become emotional with participants in tears of despair. Humor has a place to play in stressful situations, to ease tensions and keep personal perspective; one of the first and foremost steps to healing. Humor is a valuable tool to encourage positive thoughts and attitudes.

Humor can be used effectively in many situations to relieve stressful situations, introduce new and uncomfortable subject matter and to ease fears and apprehensive feelings.

In the workshop the facilitators encourage participants to find humor in themselves and explore ways of using their own unique sense of humor to the benefit of themselves and those with whom they interact.

BEology : The science of inner peace & the art of engaged living
Facilitator – Michelle Theoret
BEology is the study and practice of well-being. BEology blends neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness offering a ‘users manual’ for the human experience and tools to calibrate and navigate life circumstances. Once we understand the way our minds and bodies work (or at least a couple theories), we can upgrade from survive to thrive. The BEology tools develop self-awareness and self-compassion, increase emotional intelligence and interconnectedness, and foster an inner resource and peacefulness, which allows us to harvest more satisfaction in our moment-to-moment experiences. When we move into the “being-state” we can experience a different perspective of our lives in which we do not identify so strongly or take everything so personally. It’s not that we are trying to eliminate all stress or repress difficult experiences, rather our intention is to develop a new relationship to these unavoidable experiences. Compassion and resilience allow us to embrace life, becoming motivated by love versus fear (jealousy, insecurity, lack, inadequacy and unworthiness). Instead of reacting, deflecting, pushing away and numbing, we can align more with our heart and who or how we want to BE in our lives. When we drop out of our head and its constant expectations, judgements and ‘shoulds’ we can learn to trust our guts and align with our hearts Instead of trading our intuition for acceptance or being of victim of our habit loops, we can cultivate a more integral and engaged way of living. We like to call it ‘living like you give a f&%K. This will be an interactive experience offering mindfulness practices and easily digestible education nuggets.

Adverse Childhood Events & Addictions
Facilitator – Kristen Dooley
The whole family feels the effects of addiction and substance use; the effect on each member will differ across the family structure. When a loved one is experiencing addiction, families report experiencing conflict, isolation, financial stress, anger, and grief. This workshop aims to look at the why individuals experience addiction, the rippling effect of addiction on the family, how to maintain the integrity of your relationship with an individual experiencing addiction, managing conflict with other family members, strategies for supporting someone with addiction, and ways to take care of yourself during this stressful time.