The Creation Story
Facilitators – Jimmy O’Chiese
As iyiniwak, it is important to know where we come from and how we were placed on this area of Turtle Island. This workshop will explore teachings on the original clans that iyiniwak are related, and how we are connected with our plant and animal relations as described in our Creation story. The use of various land based symbols left for us to remember who we are as iyiniwak, by kise-manitou will be explained (ex. Big Dipper and Little Dipper Teachings).

The transmission of such knowledge is vital for our children in understanding who they are, and what their roles are as Indigenous people.

Women’s Rites of Passage
Facilitators – Doris Daychief, Deanna Daychief, Celia Daychief, Tasheena Daychief

There is a time in every girl’s life that they become young women. It is during this time that it is very important that the transition is guided through ceremonial protocol. The teachings of this women’s rites of passage are very much alive and practiced with the help of women knowledge keepers such as Doris and her daughters.

Teaching from a Sacred Balance – from land based teachings to the classroom
Facilitators – Susan Sinclair, Dorothy Thunder
This workshop is delivered in the Plains Cree dialect and offers participants the opportunity to experience the imbedding of traditional tipi teachings, language and cultural lessons that examine the interconnectedness with land and how to apply it in the classroom with the traditional ways of knowing of our ancestors.

· Each participant will have the opportunity to learn the Traditional Tipi Teachings as the tipi is being raised and can create a Tipi that they can take home with them

· Storytelling, games, chants, songs and hands on activities will be incorporated throughout the workshop