The Creation Story
Facilitator – Jerry Saddleback
The Creation Story or Long Story is the stablization of the way K’sê Mantô intended His people to be: the balance of our Being is a part of this stability that looks at the Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual quadrants.
This is K’sê Mantô’s Story: about His creation, who we are, why we’re here and His relationship with His people. The Creation Story is about kindness and compassion. It is our Oral Tradition. It is the passing down of our Story from one generation’s heart to another generation’s heart. The Creation Story is our history which begins with the Creator telling our First Couple how He made Himself, which Beings He created thereafter; how He created the Universe and shaped Mother Earth.

Star Teachings
Facilitator – Jeff Brightnose (Wastesicoot)
Jeff’s presentation will focus on the star chart and the relationship of the star Blanket (achak ahkoop) the rights of Passage and the values of the spirit within the tongue. The relationship we have with the tree of life.

Kokom’s as Caregiver’s
Facilitator – Dr. Leona Makokis
This presentation will journey through three phases of our collective experience. It focuses on our Cree worldview, traditions, values, beliefs and language that have been passed down to us. Secondly there will be a brief review of the European influence on our lives and finally where we are today and how we can continue to practice what has been passed down to us by our elders. It is our responsibility to learn and to teach our children about who we are. My grandfather told me that “we cannot skip a generation.” He said, “I and other elders will be gone and if you don’t learn your culture, who is going to teach your children and grandchildren,” This presentation will shared through story.

Women’s Rites of Passage
Facilitators – Doris Daychief, Deanna Daychief, Celia Daychief, Tasheena Daychief

There is a time in every girl’s life that they become young women. It is during this time that it is very important that the transition is guided through ceremonial protocol. The teachings of this women’s rites of passage are very much alive and practiced with the help of women knowledge keepers such as Doris and her daughters.

7 Natural Laws
Facilitator – Daniel Sakchekapo (Waabi Ode Egaa Dout Diigoo)
The 7 teachings represent what animals were brought here to teach the 2 legged Nation. We have a responsibility to Mother Earth and when we use to watch the animals, we learned the Universal secrets, we saw that the scared animals as a teaching of being gentle to ourselves.