Courageous Ceremonial: The Creation of Two Spirit Youth Rites of Passage
Facilitators – Dr. Lana Whiskeyjack, Emery Whiskeyjack, James Lamouche
Okimaw kihew mekwanak (OKM) is the first Indigenous Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gay (IPFLAG) support group for relatives of 2SLGBTQ. Started by three nehiyawak parents, who visioned inclusive kinship systems that are accepting and supportive of diverse gender and sexualities, through experiential practices of food, art, ceremony, language and culture as a basis for growing and supporting independent healthy human beings. Two members will speak about their Strengthening Relations work in preparing, planning and co-creating a Two Spirit youth rites of passage.

pimâcihitâtân nêhiyawêwin
ᐱᒫᒋᐦᐃᑖᑖᐣ ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ
“Keep our language alive.”
Facilitators – Milton Tootoosis
pimācīhitatān nēhiyawēwin is a two-year Indigenous language project initiated by Milton Tootoosis to identify lessons learned from past language development strategies and to create an inventory of existing strategies for the purpose of introducing innovative products to support the Plains Cree (Y dialect) language development and retention.
The theme for Year I (2021-2022) of the project is “Understanding Where We Are: Adapting & Creating for the Future”. This involved in-depth consultations with Plains Cree (Y dialect) speakers who were invited to share their knowledge and participate in recorded interviews. Year II (2022-2023) is themed “Restoring Balance”. This phase will include a consolidation of the information gleaned from the consultations and the research that will be presented at a conference in 2023.
This project is funded by Canadian Heritage (2021-2023).

The Connectivity of the Cree language, Music, Math and Science
Facilitator – Dwayne Lass
Mathematics is the universal language and is intrinsically entrenched within the Cree language, songs, rhythms, and way of life. I can only speak about my nation at this time; however, other nations will benefit by seeing their own strengths. By combining music, mathematics, and other disciplines, we begin to see universal patterns. These patterns validate our world and universal view. This information is also key to reaching young indigenous people and people throughout the world, by providing them the truth of who they are, and the role they play in the Great Circle of Life. We are all without doubt, spiritual beings with vast potential. Utilizing this knowledge, I begin by empowering students then apply a unique style of teaching an Algonkian language (Plains Cree).

Words Meaning in Language, Energy and Physics – 7 Lodge Teachings
Facilitator – Ralph Morin
This session will be on:

1- The seven kihci oyasōwēwinah (seven grandfather laws) and what the meanings area.
2- 4 foundations of nehiyawak – Wakotowin (relations), Kiskinahamawasōwin (guidance), kiskīmisowin (identity) and nehiyaw-itowin (how we speak)