Interconnectedness with land and reconciliation
Facilitators – Susan Sinclair, Dorothy Thunder

Language Matters
Facilitators – Dorothy Thunder, Susan Sinclair
This workshop

Connecting Community and Culture to School – Elders in the Classroom
Facilitator – Dr. Tracey Poitras-Collins

Through her research in collaboration with a distinguished knowledge keeper she documented relevant traditional stories that support school success ensuring to maintain the integrity of the knowledge earned.
This session will share some of these stories and accompanying strategies. Through her experiences with YTC’s K-12 schools she will share a number of promising strategies including community land-based teaching, bridging the gap between non-Native teacher and Native students where Elders/Knowledge Keepers are actively engaged in the learning process.
Knowledge keepers possess the oral traditions and histories of their nations that have existed since time immemorial. It is essential that this knowledge be brought into the classroom in a respectful manner that engages students. This session will combine relevant peer reviewed research, professional experiences, and experiences with knowledge keepers.
This session may be puzzling for some, so you need to come to the session with an open mind and objectivity. It will be shared as I have been taught.

Unraveling Learned Behaviors: Challenging Destructive Communication within our Communities
Facilitator – Amber Dion
The session will explore historical events that have deeply impacted our relationships, and more specifically how we communicate with one another. The goal is to begin a process of unlearning destructive communication patterns and develop healthy strategies to combat lateral violence/toxic communication.