Tea Making – Mother Earth Essentials
Making your own Bath Salts
Facilitator – Carrie Belcourt
Come and learn the basic, scientific properties of 10 different local plants – and then create your own unique blend to take home. After we make our tea – we will then talk about plant oils and their properties and benefits and use them to create a bag of mineral bath salts to take home as well.

Headdress Making
Facilitator – Jessica Arcand

I make and sell custom ornamental headdresses. I learned to make a basic headdress in jr. high and loved making them back then! I did start to make them again two years ago and they have evolved into such beautiful pieces custom to the owners liking. Customizing would entail; the client letting me know what colours to add to the ribbon, feathers or beads or I would be asked just to create one for them. They bring peace to my mind, body and soul when creating them, as well as, happiness; when they are complete and the customer gives me the biggest complement! I couldn’t be more grateful for this Creeative gift ♥️ Hiy Hiy

Bath Bomb Making/ Bath bar making
Facilitator – Kiya Bruno
Enjoy this amazing bath bomb workshop, while learning how to make unique bath bombs with a step-by-step learning hands-on approach using household items such as baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, essential oils, food coloring and fragrance oils to create the perfect bath bomb you will love and adore. The workshop will give you tips on how to create your own homemade bath bombs, while giving you the recipe to make the same bath bombs that are sold in stores.
• Each participant will learn how to create their own homemade bath bombs and will go home with the bath bombs they create during the workshop.
• The bath bombs each participant creates are great for your own personal use and are great giftable products for others in your life. This workshop is a great way to learn how to make homemade gifts!
Note: This workshop involves hand-mixing of baking soda and cornstarch, so aprons are recommended.