heaART of Beading
In this three-hour workshop, I will open with a smudge and song and introductions.
Participants will learn the basic beading stitches and tap into their creative heART, while beading a small beaded pin. These beaded pins will be created in awareness of the:
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Men and Boys (MMIMB)
• Beaded Tie pin
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG)
• Beaded Red Dress pin

Dreamcatchers and the teachings
Facilitator – Cavelle Bieker
The purpose of this workshop is to keep our traditions alive, while showcasing the beauty of our culture.
It takes between 1.5-2 hours to craft a dreamcatcher from start to finish. With in-person classes I offer instruction and speak about the legend of the dreamcatcher, plus cover some teachings on the medicine wheel and the rainbow (as advised by Francis Whiskeyjack). Students get to bring home their dreamcatcher and instructional booklet for future use.

Reflexology – Access Bars
Facilitator – Colleen Seed
A therapy that activates “The Bars” (Bars of Energy that run from one side of the head to the other) by applying a light touch to 32 points on the head. Running The Bars releases negative considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that are electrically stored in the brain. It is beneficial in releasing connections to past hurts and pain.

Iwip’son Swing (Nurturing Therapy)
Facilitator – Dr. Darlene Auger

Mini Moccasin Making
Facilitator – Myrna Yellowbird
This session will show you how to make and sew mini moccasins. It also provides skills in beading your finished product. The session is therapeutic and will make you relax and laugh all the while that you have made your beautiful mini moccasins. The presenter will guide you from start to finish on making your own moccasins.

Tension, Stress, Trauma Release
Facilitator – Diane Pooyak
TRE is a natural way of releasing the tension, trauma and stress we have suffered in our lives.
There are 7 simple exercises to be done then our body naturally releases it all. All the tension, trauma and stress is stored in the psoas muscle. This muscle is the only one that connects our upper and lower body together.
As were growing up we are taught not to let this muscle do the work. It is now time to teach our body to release or to reactivate this muscle.

*Epsom Salts Rejuvenation Indulgence And Natural Energy Cleaning Sprays
Facilitator – Debbie Steinhauer

Healing Through Art
Facilitator – Dawn Marie Marchand
“This workshop is a hands-on art project designed to identify barriers and reconnect participants with their innate capacity to partner with Creator through the work of their hands. The participants will learn a unique historical perspective about the role and responsibilities of Indigenous arts and how to reclaim the joy of creating that they can bring into other areas of their life.”