Iwip’son Swing
(Nurturing Therapy)
Facilitator – Darlene Auger
Iwip’son is a woodland Cree word that describes the native baby swing. It is an old Native parenting practice to “swing” our babies, to wrap them up, nurture them, sing to them, pray for them and put them to rest in a loving, gentle and sacred way.
In the fall of 2001, during a pipe ceremony, Darlene was given the insight to provide this type of care and nurturing to adults, to help them reconnect with their roots, their spirits and to bring to balance their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, especially those who may not have had the benefit of growing up in a traditional native parenting setting due to institutionalization (Residential School; 60’s Scoop; Non-Aboriginal Foster Care).
In Mainstream society today, there are other similar forms of motion therapy. Research in this area shows numerous health benefits.

This is not a workshop – This is an opportunity for one on one private sessions. Each session is approximately 1 hour. Please note that only 5-7 sessions can be provided in one day. Please sign up just outside of the room.
“We have always had our own healing and nurturing practices, we just need to be reminded of them, we need to awaken to our ancestral ways of being in the world” Darlene Auger – 2002

Facilitator – Doris Calliou
Utilizing the Reiki practice in conjunction with Positive Energy and Prayer can assist individuals in dealing with stress and pain. Through the individualized attention there will be an opportunity to learn methods and practice healthy release of tension and stress.

The session will offer three varied methods for the participants. The chokra cleansing, the stress and tension relief. The participant will sit on a chair for both of these methods. The last will be a longer session (45 min) assist with pain relief, tension and relaxation. This will be facilitated on a bed with a sheet covering (clothes on)
Doris will discuss these concepts beginnings from educational research and experiences. She will incorporate a Social Work teaching model of wellness and healthy perspective with potential tools and resources for individual use.

The Natural Path Clinic: Relaxation Massage & other therapies
Facilitators – Dr. Anne Mageau & others
Dr. Anne is the owner/manager of the Natural Path Clinic. For the past 21 years clinic staff and friends have been helping to provide support at the Knowing Our Spirits Conference. Our team of natural health care professionals invite you to visit for a few minutes of healing and relaxation. We offer massage, acupuncture, acupressure and nurturing energy medicine. This service is offered compliments of your conference hosts – Iyiniw Education & Training Institute. Please stop by our Clinic to make an appointment.

Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis and Therapeutics
Facilitator – Dr. Steven Aung
Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis relies on the four pillars of inquiry, observation, palpation and auscultation/olfactory. Shen diagnosis is also vitally important, which involves assessing the state of a patient’s spirit and vital energy (Qi). Taken together, these diagnostic techniques comprise a powerful tool for building an effective treatment plan for patients. Observation of the eye and Shen, for example, could indicate a vigorous or sluggish constitution. The conjunctiva of the eye, when red, is a sign of excess heat in the Liver, a syndrome known as Liver Yang. Observation of the face is also important; the right cheek is associated with the Lung, the left cheek with the Liver, the chin with the Kidney, and the bridge of the nose with the Spleen. A double chin generally indicates congenital Kidney Qi weakness. Dimples are indicative of Kidney abnormality, which may be confirmed by ultrasound and IVP techniques. The appearance of the lips, gums and tongue also provide valuable diagnostic information; the lips are associated with the Spleen, the gums with the Stomach, and the tongue with the Heart. Moreover, microsystems of acupuncture are useful diagnostic tools. These microsystems, such as the ears, the scalp and the hand are holograms representing the whole body. The ear, for example, is a hologram taking the shape of an inverted fetus. A venous ear indicates acute conditions, whereas nodules on the ear indicate chronic structural damage. Correct diagnosis according to the above and other techniques leads to correct differentiation of syndromes. This, in turns, leads to the best TCM treatment, based on acupuncture, related techniques, such as moxibustion and cupping, and other TCM therapies, including dietetics, herbal medicine, Qi Gong / Tai Chi Chuan and massage / manipulation. TCM diagnosis, working in an integrative manner with biomedicine, helps to build the best foundation for the therapies of choice and enhanced quality of life of patients.

Our story, as told by the face – Therapy with facial reflexology
Facilitator – Erica Layton
Wrinkles, lines and spots appearing on our face can actually be our greatest clue to the health of the body. Dien Chan is a method of facial reflexology that can help us understand these clues and assist in providing the natural solution our body requires through application of facial protocols.

Our goal is to introduce the foundations of Dien Chan which are rooted in a unique combination of different techniques. Facial reflexology incorporates aspects of acupuncture, TCM, acupressure along with the body mapping of reflexology. Through the integration of these techniques, the results can be rapid and extremely powerful. An excellent and simple technique for both individuals looking for holistic self-treatment and everyday health professionals.
Our workshop will walk participants through the foundations of this treatment method, beginning with its origins in Vietnam. We will provide participants knowledge on topics including: diagrams of the body projected on the face, the importance of yin and yang in the balancing of conditions, as well as some simple, practical steps that everyone can use each day to instantly improve injuries, reduce pain and feel better. By attending the workshop, participants will become familiar with this new technique, be able to implement and share the 12 morning massages and have access to valuable educational resources.

Energy Balancing
Facilitator – Clint Morin
1. Introduction of Presenter including how he came to be a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu.
2. Background information of Jin Shin Jyutsu and the beliefs, practices and methodologies.
3. A demonstration with a volunteer. This demonstration will illustrate the process of a treatment. A treatment can take up to ½ hour. If possible and if time permits I will do 2 demonstrations.

Jin Shin Jyutsu or Energy Balancing is most effective for people with all types of ailments. I have treated people with arthritis, stomach issues, diabetes, cancer etc. so getting a volunteer will not be an issue.

Our Elders have noticed more mobility after a treatment and with regular treatments they are able to walk with no pain.

Healing Mind, Body and Spirit using EFT-Tapping
Facilitator – Patricia Gibb
EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Techniques,” and is also known as Tapping. EFT-Tapping uses elements of modern psychology, combined with needle-less acupuncture. It uses gentle, easy-to-learn tapping with the fingertips on different meridian points on the body.
Clinical trials have shown that EFT-Tapping is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional stress. Once the stress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself, and accelerate healing.
In this workshop, you will learn:

✓ How stress affects all body systems and ultimately your health
✓ How to heal traumas and fears
✓ Discover how the subconscious runs your behaviours and programs
✓ Learn how childhood experiences influence your adult life
✓ How EFT-Tapping can help you lose weight
✓ How to easily and permanently change patterns of behavior with EFT-Tapping

In Patricia’s personal journey, she used EFT-Tapping to permanently lose 80 pounds in a single year.
EFT-Tapping is medically researched and proven to be a powerful de-stressor. It works well for both emotional and physical issues, because these are often stress-related.
Attend this workshop with Patricia and learn how EFT-Tapping can permanently change your life.

Energy Wellness 101
Facilitator – Heather Coon
From a young age we are introduced to the practices and routines around seeing a Doctor or Dentist, however typically we are not taught much about energy and how to be energetically well.

Learn how much we are aware and affected by energy. Learn the tools to manage your energy and maintain a high vibration of JUST your energy.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein

Have you been told you are too sensitive?
Have feelings and overwhelming emotions overcome you that don’t seem to be yours?
Noticed that you are drained after being in large crowds?
Tired from other people’s energy?

ENERGY is all around us and affects us on so many levels. EMOTIONS are energy in motion. Our VIBRATION is affected by others and situations around us.

Learn how to keep your energy field sacred. Distinguish when there are energies that are in your field and affecting you. Be clear and not carry the energies and emotions of others. Choose to live in a high vibration energy of your personal space.

There are three main components to the workshop: #1 – Introduction and understanding of energy. Affects & symptoms of energy. #2 – Guided energy clearing of past beliefs regarding energy & working with energy for group. #3. – Teaching simple yet powerful energy tools.

An Integrated Approach to Healing
Facilitator – David Loree
In this presentation my purpose is to introduce, discuss and demonstrate concepts in Natural Healing that I have used for many years and though they are not new, could be more widespread as they are at the moment.

We all accept the premise of dealing with the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects of the individual. How do we deal with and describe those situations, and research, and use our intuition to help find solutions to them. My goal has always been to be able to assist everyone who came to see me in some meaningful way. I was recently told that “I Am Enough”! Then a few days later I was told “You Can Not Heal Everyone”. So where is our balance and how do we approach this very complex, yet simple equation?

I will describe and demonstrate, lead the audience in actions, and suggest possibilities to assist them when they go home. Often we leave these conferences and feel great! Then we arrive home or even before that we my face the reality we have co-created in our family or workplace. We planned to do all these wonderful techniques, concepts, mantras, exercises and other things we are exposed to at these events by very well-meaning presenters and fall flat. We forget, and go back to old habits, old addictions, relationships that may be difficult at times.

My approach which I will speak about deals with our Organ Systems, Endocrine Glands, Lymphatics, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Chakras, Hormones, and other physical areas. I will attempt to connect the dots on how our emotions, beliefs, background, environments, nutrition or lack of it, are the cause behind our health and attitude issues.
I will offer a 5 Step Approach to using the Power of Intention to help us move through our blocks and work to achieve what we want in our lives. We will also weave in some Brain Gym® movements to keep us moving and stimulate our brains through specific actions.

I will finish with sharing gratitude for our lives that we share with all people everywhere, even though we do not know them. We share a planet with 7 billion people, so let’s celebrate with them instead of fearing it.