The Natural Path Clinic: Relaxation Massage & other therapies
Facilitators – Dr. Anne Mageau & others
Dr. Anne is the owner/manager of the Natural Path Clinic. For the past 14 years clinic staff and friends have been helping to provide support at the Knowing Our Spirits Conference. Our team of natural health care professionals invite you to visit for a few minutes of healing and relaxation. We offer massage, acupressure and nurturing energy medicine. This service is offered compliments of your conference hosts – Iyiniw Education & Training Institute.

Breaking the Cycle – How to End the Suffering of Trauma and Addictions
Facilitator – Kim Wilkinson
During this workshop you will gain a better understanding of the “why” behind addictions and suffering. Kim will provide a deeper understanding of trauma, early childhood emotional experiences and how these events can lead to limiting core beliefs, detrimental behaviour patterns, addictions and sadly at times, to loss of life.
Kim will also explain how to identify early signs and symptoms or trauma and addictions. how to effectively communicate with someone struggling and how to best support someone struggling. There will also be significant focus on prevention for our younger children and those not yet born.
Kim will share many examples from her own personal journey of parenting a child with mental health concerns and drug addictions. She will also share about how she found her own profound healing after her son Tristin died of overdose in 2019.

Healing through movement and meditation
Facilitator – Beverly Swampy
We know that exercise improves our physique, but most people don’t know that it actually benefits our mental health as well. Data suggests that people who are physically active are likely less depressed than those who are inactive. In this workshop you will learn basic exercises to build strength, strengthen your core and movements for heart health. In addition to being physically active, we also must be aware of our daily habits, if we incorporate mindfulness and meditation into our routines, we are able to recognize when our body needs more attention and to be present in the moment. You will also learn meditation and mindfulness practices to add to your daily routine.

Emotional Truths
Facilitator – Patrick (Rick) Lightning
In the fifteen years that I have worked as a mental health therapist in Maskwacis, I have seen how we as Nehiyaw, have been programmed not to tell our emotional truths. This cycle of denial of our selves needs to be broken. to understand our relationships more clearly, the emotions that are a part of the many issues, needs to be brought out and discussed.