Empowering Your Inner Spirit
Facilitator – Leroy Laliberte, Chad Vincent
Leroy and BURN Youth team member Chad will discuss the importance of the emotional and mental well-being and how self-motivation is the key to successfully moving forward in everyday life. Step out your comfort zone and be FREE from the negative aspects of your life’s past. Forgive, let go and move forward
- Acknowledging
- Understanding
- Acceptance
These are the 3 steps to self-preservation, awareness and creative space….
A very blunt, fun and interactive session, making it all easy learning, humorous and feeling Motivated. Join BURN YOUTH on their journey in wellness and creating a positive and powerful impact on all obstacles on path.

Visualize it, Feel it & Achieve it
Facilitator – Saige Arcand

This session will encourage all participants to get clear on your goals and let go of the unnecessary doubt standing in the way of your dreams. We will achieve this by setting clear and powerful intentions through a short journaling activity then will move on to creating a mini visual “dream” board with pictures and words that represent your heart’s desires. The participants will get to walk away with this visual reminder to hang in their homes.

In this workshop you will learn to:
- Harness the Power of Visualization
- Get clear on your goals with intention though a journaling activity
- Send a message out into the Universe with a clear intention of what you want to manifest for your life.
- Create a beautiful collage that represents your heart’s desire
- Believe fiercely in yourself and your dreams- have the dream board as your take-home reminder.