The Trails of Northern Cree
Facilitators – Northern Cree Drum Group – Steve Wood
Presented by the multi-award winning drum group Northern Cree, led by Steve Wood (B.A., B.Ed.), who is a certified Cree Language instructor that utilizes a non-colonial setting of teaching First Nations language in the classroom. A one-hour
presentation on strategies in utilizing the drum for healing, spirituality, and teaching First Nations languages within, or outside of the classroom. This presentation will give a brief history of the drum from the perspective of the Northern Cree circle. It will also give examples of teaching language through our traditional genre’ of music as well as touching on the traditional tipi values (kinosimona). This presentation also becomes interactive with the participants.

Empowering Your Inner Spirit
Facilitator – Leroy Laliberte, Chad Vincent
Leroy and BURN Youth team member Chad will discuss the importance of the emotional and mental well-being and how self-motivation is the key to successfully moving forward in everyday life. Step out your comfort zone and be FREE from the negative aspects of your life’s past. Forgive, let go and move forward
- Acknowledging
- Understanding
- Acceptance
These are the 3 steps to self-preservation, awareness and creative space….
A very blunt, fun and interactive session, making it all easy learning, humorous and feeling Motivated. Join BURN YOUTH on their journey in wellness and creating a positive and powerful impact on all obstacles on path.