Calls to Action – TRC
Facilitator – Eugene Arcand
Eugene has been blazing a trail with his eye-opening and inspiring message on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
ninety-four Calls to Action. He eloquently describes how we can move forward on our own Calls to Action and how this is
distinguishably different from a recommendation. He leaves his audiences ready to take action and motivated to be a
change maker in their respective communities. A question that is posed to him quite often is “how do we know we are
doing it right?”, in which he commonly replies “every way that we do it, is the right way”. His presentation will be followed
by a Question & Answer period.

Kairos Blanket Exercise
Facilitators – Candace Houle, Glenda Bristow
Please join us in this is an interactive role playing session focusing on an easy, practical strategy/teaching tool to share the historic and contemporary relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of Canada. The Blanket Exercise can be used in classrooms, group counselling sessions and school staff PD to create a sense of welcome, belonging, awareness and understanding. Participants will participate in the blanket exercise and sharing circle. Think of this as a one-hour intense interactive exercise on the important timeline/events/impacts on First Nations, Metis and Inuit people from pre-contact to now. The Adult Script will be used for this session. There is also a Youth Script available.