Iyiniw is committed to education and preservation of the cultural values of
First Nations people.

Our elders of wisdom taught us that we as mankind can create a spirit of kindness, honesty, determination and sharing if we decide to collaborate and work together for the common good of the future to come. Iyiniw endeavours to promote this knowledge to not only benefit us as First Nations but society as a whole.

Based on Alberta’s open to Summer Plan we are pleased to announce that the Knowing Our Spirits Conference will be held on November 24-26, 2021 at the Edmonton Inn & Conference Centre. Based on two key benchmarks – Covid 19 immunizations and the number of people in hospital. When we reach Stage 3 – there will be no restrictions on social gatherings. To ensure that we follow Alberta Health Guidelines, we encourage all participants to vaccinate to keep everyone safe. This precaution is being taken to ensure that there are no risks involved for delegates.

CALL OUT FOR PRESENTERS – Please submit biography and workshop description to either iyiniw@iyiniweducation or register@iyiniweducation.ca